Day 4, 5 and 6 – Skiing Nozawa Onsen – Japan Holiday

Skiing Nozawa Onsen is an outstanding family experience.  Famous for having the best powder skiing amongst tree lined slopes. It is truly living up to its reputation even though it is early in the season.  It has been snowing each day and the experience has been surreal.



The skiing today (19th Dec) was through 25cm of fresh powder. We hit the slopes early to make the most of it.  The middle slopes – Uenotaira and Paradise Runs – were slow going as snow was still falling heavy but at the top – the Yamabiko Runs – it was perfect. We were above the heavy snow fall and the sun would pop out every now and then to say high.

A few goes down Yamabiko and Kerrie’s legs were starting to wobble. They are long runs compared to Australia.

GOPR0208  IMGP0423

David and Emily on Paradise Run

IMGP0438 IMGP0441


View from Nagasaka Gondola

IMGP0451 IMGP0457


Snow Frosted

IMGP0430 IMGP0431


The Nozawa Onsen Village has the old charm we were hoping for.  I will blog about it later once we have had a chance to take some more photos. But we have got out each night for some great Japanese meals. Last night (18th Dec) we went to a little place opposite the lodge that specialised in the Japanese Savoury Pancake – Okonomiyaki.  Forgot to take a picture so photo below is of our Gyoza entree – a favourite Japanese style dumpling that we all enjoy and order at most places. 

The bottle next to Molly was ordered as “Kids Beer”.  It was highly carbonated apple juice that frothed and maintained a head just like a real beer.  A novelty for them.

Getting up and down off the floor to eat the Japanese way is tough after a days skiing.  After Day 2 the muscles definitely have an ache.

IMGP0412 IMGP0417

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