Day at Desa WaterPark – Kuala Lumpur

In the heat of Malaysia any day spent in water is going to be a good day. So with Molly off in Bangkok for Basketball, Kerrie, Emily and I took off for a day at Desa WaterPark.

20130202 23 Desa Waterpark20130202 19 Desa Waterpark

If you wanted to then you could really give this park a poor review – it is old, dated and does not have many attractions. In addition. it’s main attraction, the ThunderBolt, is only open half an hour from 2pm.

However, if you sit back, relax and do it the Malaysian way then you can have a great day – which is what we did.

We arrived early, around 11am, and secured a large deck chair / couch in front of the wave pool. This set us up in a relaxing spot for the day. You need to be near the water to keep cooling off given the heat!!!

We then spent some time on the two tube water slides and tackling the Tarzan in Town obstacle. Poor Emily got a bit squashed as we went down the tube slide together and flipped over half way down – being squashed under me is not the best way to ride a slide!!!

20130202 03 Desa Waterpark20130202 14 Desa Waterpark

20130202 12 Desa Waterpark20130202 13 Desa Waterpark

The Wave Pool fired up a few times throughout the day. This was a lot of fun. Not super big but great to bob up and down.

20130202 06 Desa Waterpark20130202 09 Desa Waterpark

20130202 22 Desa Waterpark20130202 05 Desa Waterpark

20130202 08 Desa Waterpark

Make sure you stay for the ThunderBolt – a large slide where you are pushed up wards by water as well as sliding downwards.  Had a lot of fun in Dubai on this type of slide and a different experience.

Do not expect too much!!! Just expect to get wet and enjoy the company of your family and you will have a great time.  Also make sure you have an Ais Kachang to help cool off and then you will not be as disappointed with the other food on offer.

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