Kepong Metropolitan Park

Driving back from the Royal Selangor Factory gave us the chance to call into the Kepong Metropolitan Park and Lake Garden.  We have driven by this park many times and watched the dozens of kites in the sky from the road but never had the chance to stop.

This 90-hectare park in Kepong has a carnival-like atmosphere on the weekends and is complete with food, kites and toy stalls all peddling their wares on the curb-side near the entrance.



The park is situated on a large lake with both running track and cycling track surrounding.


We had the bonus of their being an Auto-Show of sorts laid on.  I say of sorts because it was not the big muscle cars we got in Canberra Nationals but the kitsch Asian make overs of little motors.




This is a beautiful park – I only hope as it is so popular that the locals go against their trend and actually clean up after themselves. Unfortunately as this picture shows I am not so hopeful.  This is right next to the main play area.


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