U13 Girls Basketball Champions – Kuala Lumpur

Garden International School (GIS) took away both the Girls and Boys Championship for the U13 Basketball Tournament for Kuala Lumpur International Schools which was held on Saturday 23rd.

DSC_8377 DSC_8376

Emily was captain of the U13 Girls GIS Basketball Team and had a great tournament. The team showed some of the best team play we have seen for a while, all rallying at key times in their games.

The final was against ISKL who had beaten GIS in the warm up matches leading up to the tournament.  ISKL are tall and match up well against GIS.

GIS came out hard and after the first few minutes is was 4 a piece. Then Emily, not daunted by ISKL’s height, charged in for a lay-up and got 2 points plus drew the foul and went to the free throw line. This started a run for GIS and they finished the 1st quarter 4 points up.

DSC_8254 DSC_8136

The 2nd quarter GIS came out even harder and managed to keep ISKL scoreless for the quarter while GIS took a commanding 10 point lead.  Emily took a number of hard runs which opened up some key gaps and enabled the team to make some great shots on the pass off. 

It was entertaining basketball to watch with one of my favourite plays being when Emily was caught in the corner penned in by 3 ISKL girls. Emily bounced passed off to a teammate and with 2 quick passes around the 3 point line it was then put in the basket by Louie. Great Team Play!!!



The final 2 quarters were tough with GIS going defensive to hold their lead.  Emily turned into playing a defensive point guard and what was great to see was that the rest of the team then kept scoring. Making critical counter baskets every time ISKL scored.



The final score was 24 GIS to 16 ISKL – although very low scoring it was because GIS played a great defensive game.

An Excited Coach

20130223 02 U13 KL Basketball Tournament20130223 07 U13 KL Basketball Tournament

Emily’s skills are really developing and she is able to bring most skills into a game now. Her free throw percentage is above 75% and because of her height, Em is destined to be a free throw specialist – she is constantly fouled as she goes in for layups!!!



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