Avillion – Port Dickson

What a great weekend we had over 27th and 28th April 2013!!!   Friday night was dinner with fellow Australian’s – parents of Molly’s school friends.  We spent the night sitting outside drinking and reminiscing about old TV programs from the 70’s to the 90’s – way too many to name but was great recalling them all.

After a late Friday night we were then Saturday morning to head down to Port Dickson and escape Kuala Lumpur. Our first time to Port Dickson and was about an hour and half’s drive. 

Avillion Resort – Port Dickson

20130427 33 Avillion - Port Dickson20130427 35 Avillion - Port Dickson

Around the Avillion Resort


We had heard mixed reviews from people but for us it was a great weekend. Yes the beaches are not great but our resort – the Avillion – was and it gave us everything we needed to rest and escape KL.

Emily on the Balcony of our Villa Room


We checked in and then headed to the pool for a swim and a late lunch and drinks.  The resort has two pools of which one is adults only.

Poolside Relaxing

20130427 06 Avillion - Port Dickson20130427 12 Avillion - Port Dickson

20130427 14 Avillion - Port Dickson

Entertainment – Avillion Style


Our room was a villa over the ocean and included entry to the Avi Club for afternoon tea and then later for cocktails.  This was a beautifully done room and outdoor area which gave stunning views of the sunset.


20130427 10 Avillion - Port Dickson20130427 28 Avillion - Port Dickson

At 5pm we followed Awang, a 24 year old monkey, and Zul his trainer down to the beach and watched Awang pluck coconuts.  We then drank and ate the coconuts down at the beach.




Sunday morning was a run for me along the beach – a bit disappointing to see the rubbish left on the public beaches but interesting to see how many Malaysians were camped on the beach and then getting up for a morning wash in the ocean.

Kerrie did Tai Chi on the beach while Emily fed animals at the petting zoo. Seeing a Peacock present himself to a Peahen was also exciting.

20130427 36 Avillion - Port Dickson

20130427 41 Avillion - Port Dickson20130427 44 Avillion - Port Dickson

A long breakfast and leisurely drive back to Kuala Lumpur to end a great weekend.

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3 Responses to Avillion – Port Dickson

  1. wendy says:

    Thanks for the concise review of Avillion! We are headed there in a couple of weeks time. Hope it’s still of standard.

  2. Alhamdulillah.. As Malaysian, im glad that u guys had a great moment here.. i was searching for a place to stay for my next vacation, that brought me to ur blog..

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