Interview with Molly mid GCSE Exams

Molly is mid way through her General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) Exams – ‘O-Levels’ as part of the UK Educational System.

I took the opportunity to sit in bed with her this morning and conduct a short interview…she has never been short off self-confidence and it is great that she takes this into her exams…

How have exams gone so far?

Yeah…All Right…Well Like I Dunno…I come out thinking the opposite to everyone else…If they think it was hard I thought it was easy and vice versa….and I keep having these great moments that I do not have to do English, PE or Drama ever again!!!

What has been the toughest exam?

Umm…Forgotten most of them…<pause as she thinks for a long time>…it depends…there are subjects I am good at and some not as good at…so ones I am good at, where I am used to getting all questions right I might have found hard if there was one question I could not get…but then English which I hate should be hard but was not.

I have Been looking online to see what the rest of the world thought…and some people are really freaking out, so I feel confident.

What was the biggest surprise question?

<Loud Laugh>…Chemistry yesterday…Chromotogragphy is never a big question in past papers but it was a huge question and I freaked and skipped it because I had not studied it…but when I went back to it later it was easy and just a common sense question.

What has had the biggest freak out in GIS?

Nothing major…but Year 10 exams started last week and they were all freaking out…we were already a few weeks into our Year 11 GSCE…and so we just laughed at them given what they have ahead of them next year.

What has been your biggest boo-boo?

I studied everything…and so it is hard to come to a question I do not know…so no real boo-boo…yes, I have gotten questions wrong but I do not think really misinterpreted any…and I never have to do Drama again!!!

What are you most worried about with the remaining exams?

They are just Physics and Economics and I want a solid A* for Economics…but not really worried.

Are you looking forward to end of exams?

Yes…so Much…I am annoyed that we have a week break now and then more exams as I prefer to get my exams over…plus I want to go out with friends who have finished exams but I cannot as I still have more.

How many exams will you end up doing?

23 Exams

Any risk areas for not getting A or A*?

English, Drama – can go either way as depends what the rest of the world got…I came out happy with what I did…grades do not matter too much as I know I have tried my hardest…I will be disappointed for something I tried really hard on and I only get an A and not A*.

Why do you set such a high standard for yourself?

Why Not

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