Vuvuzela – Sunway Lagoon

Yesterday we headed to Sunway Lagoon to try the new Vuvuzela Water Ride.

Sunway Lagoon are claiming it is the World’s Largest Water Ride of 152 metres with a 22 metre funnel – this may be unjustified as there are a few things at Sunway Lagoon claiming to be the World’s Largest or Biggest but nevertheless Vuvuzela was a lot of fun.


We got there early, around 10am, and so there were no queues which gave us a chance to go on Vuvuzela several times.

20130525 03 Sunway Lagoon - Kuala Lumpur20130525 04 Sunway Lagoon - Kuala Lumpur

The other new attraction at the Water Park is the Waterplexx 5D, a fun virtual ride in a cinema-like setting and with seats that move while watching the short (4 minutes) but thrilling movie wearing 3D glasses. The plastic seats and puddles of water on the floor give a clue of what to expect as you are splashed and soaked during the experience. Expect to get wet!

20130525 05 Sunway Lagoon - Kuala Lumpur20130525 07 Sunway Lagoon - Kuala Lumpur

We also did Scream Park for the first time.  This was awesome and had the girls spooked right from the start when a zombie jumped out at them even before we stepped into the attraction. 

Scream Park is an old fashion haunt where you walk through hunted corridors and have spooks, zombies and other creatures jump out at you. The effects are some of the best we have seen especially the 3D visuals as you walk around.

20130525 16 Sunway Lagoon - Kuala Lumpur

Kerrie’s photo theme for this week is HALF.  As such we paused at this Hippo to get some shots of Molly being HALF Eaten – some photo editing by Kerrie to remove Molly’s leg should get Kerrie the shot she wants!!!

20130525 09 Sunway Lagoon - Kuala Lumpur20130525 11 Sunway Lagoon - Kuala Lumpur

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