Borneo Pygmy Elephants – EleFUN Holiday

A bit of an environmental post to raise awareness of the plight of the Borneo Pygmy Elephants.

Also called Bornean elephants, these creatures are the most endangered subspecies of Asian elephant as they now number about 1,500. While other male Asian elephants can grow up to 3 meters, male Bornean elephants grow to less than 2.5 meters and they have bigger ears and rounder bellies, according to the conservation organization World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

We became aware of the Pygmy Elephant a few months ago when we visited Sunway Pyramid Mall, who they were running their EleFUN Holiday: A Pygmy Elephant Project to raise awareness and funds in support of these endangered species. Throughout the mall were these beautifully coloured Pygmy Elephant sculptures painted by local artists.


DSC00438 DSC00444

Earlier in the year there were 14 elephant deaths in Borneo near where land was being cleared for farming. They do not know how the elephants died but most articles refer to the conflict between human and elephants when land is cleared.

Their deaths raised some debate, albeit short debate, on all the forest and land clearing that has occurred in Malaysia and especially Borneo.

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