Diving – Hoi An, Vietnam

Day 6 (Wednesday 24th July 2013) was spent exploring – snorkelling and diving – Cham Islands off the coast of Hoi An.

As a diving location it is not great – just your basic hard and soft corals. But what was good is that the locations could satisfy divers and snorkelers together. It gave the kids a chance to do a try dive to see how they enjoyed scuba diving.

David and Emily – Scuba Diving

20130724P 74 Emily - Diving - Hoi An - Vietnam20130724P 75 Emily - Diving - Hoi An - Vietnam


General Photos of the Kids Diving

20130724P 02 Diving - Hoi An - Vietnam 20130724P 10 Diving - Hoi An - Vietnam

20130724 15 Diving - Hoi An - Vietnam 20130724 25 Diving - Hoi An - Vietnam

20130724 33 Diving - Hoi An - Vietnam 20130724 43 Diving - Hoi An - Vietnam

20130724P 46 Molly - Diving - Hoi An - Vietnam 20130724P 49 Diving - Hoi An - Vietnam

The company we went with was Blue Coral Diving, Hoi An.  They were very professional and responsible and only let the kids do an introductory dive based on a 1 to 1 – diver to instructor.  Their boat was a comfortable size and a good lunch was provided, after the 2 dives, on Cham Islands before returning to Hoi An.

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