Pearl Size Guidelines

In Vietnam I came across these guidelines on Pearl Size…so for those traditionalists…

5.5mm-6.0mm These small pearls are traditionally worn by girls age 12 to 16 or very small women.
6.0mm-6.5mm This size is the perfect gift for graduations or 16th birthdays. They are traditionally worn by women aged 16 to 24.
6.5mm-7.0mm A strand of this size is considered the ‘starter’ set for women in their mid 20s and up. It’s the traditional Christmas, Birthday or Valentine’s Day Present.
7.5mm-8.0mm This size, traditionally worn by women age 30 and up, is the strand for the upwardly mobile woman. Not too flashy, 8mm is big enough to be given an air of importance. This size is a traditional wedding or anniversary gift through the 5th year of marriage.
8.0mm-8.5mm These pearls tend to be more expensive, so they are traditionally worn by women aged 35 and up, and often signify financial success.
8.5mm-9.0mm A strand of this size is perfect for women aged 35 to 45 or a woman in her early 30’s of stature. They exude class. Jacqueline Kennedy’s famous pearls were this size.
9.0mm-9.5mm These are very high end pearls and are traditionally worn by women in their later years. You’ll find these pearls in the jewellery boxes of wealth women or dedicated pearl collectors.
9.5mm-10.0mm Pearls are rarely found in this size and even harder to match, so they fetch a very high price on the jewellery market.  Former First Lady Barbara Bush owns pearls of this size.
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