Segway Around Intramuros – Old Town Manila

We arrived in Manila late Saturday (3rd August) afternoon and headed straight to our boutique hotel in Intramuros (Old Town Manila) – The White Knight Hotel. The taxi driver was not sure where it was and so was funny watching him wind down his window every few blocks and ask people on the streets for directions.

As we were checking in the GodFather descended the stairs and we were all united. So before the sun went down we jumped into a Segway Tour around Intramuros with White Knight Electric Chariot Tours. Our second time Segwaying with the GodFather.

White Knight Hotel    -    San Agustin Church

20130803C 08 Manila - Day 1 - Philippines 20130803C 15 Manila - Day 1 - Philippines


Streets of Intramuros

20130803C 29 Manila - Day 1 - Philippines 20130803C 37 Manila - Day 1 - Philippines


Faces of Past Presidents          -                Wet Streets               

20130803C 51 Manila - Day 1 - Philippines 20130803C 53 Manila - Day 1 - Philippines

As always Emily impressed the guides with her skill on a Segway while the GodFather blew them away with his knowledge of the past Presidents and other facts – he gave us the real scandalous stories.

A night in Intramuros (Old Town Manila) is enough to take in the attractions and a good escape from the rest of Manila.

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