George Town Scenes

Over the course of the long weekend (2nd to 5th November 2013) we had a few sessions wandering George Town, Penang and taking in the heritage architecture and other sites.

20131103S 06 George Town - Penang

DSC_243520131102S 09 Lorong Stewart - George Town - Penang



20131102S 22 Khoo Kongsi - George Town - Penang

A real treat was running into Mr Lee, the last known producer of man-made sandalwood joss stick in Penang. You can find him on Lorong Muda. He learnt the trade from nobody, and he can’t pass it down to anybody. When his time comes, so is the trade, skills and technique. The other highlight is that the sandalwood is from Australia!!!

DSC_244720131102S 11 Joss Stick Maker - Lee Beng Chuan - George Town - Penang

Penang and George Town is somewhat famous for street art and there are walking tours that you can do.  We didn’t do any specific tour this time and so the following are just a few examples that we ran into during our wanderings.





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