Mum’s Food that Brings you Home

In Skyping my parents last night we started going through the list of food that Emily wants my mum to cook when we are in Albury for Christmas. This, plus an episode this morning on Everybody Loves Raymond and his mothers Meat Balls, has started a whole discussion on what food Kerrie (their mum) cooks that would have Molly and Emily craving once they left home.

We all struggled!!!  Emily, being her typical self, stated that she can cook what Kerrie cooks and so would not miss anything. Molly was a bit more tactful, stating that Kerrie is a good cook but everything she cooks is readily available in cafes and so nothing unique that she would miss it. Of course, being Molly she also stated that the main attraction is that coming home would be a free meal!!!

Their comments were based on their list for my mother, which is largely based on her Lebanese dishes (from my dad’s side) or as a complete contrast her family which are Australian farmers…their wish list for Christmas included…

Lebanese dishes… Country Australia dishes…
Kibbeh, which my family has oven baked in a tray and not stuffed Lamb Cutlets – crumbed
Kousa, stuffed marrows Custard, but my Grandmothers recipe which is white (I must get this recipe off mum)
Mujaddara, a rice and lentils dish Sunday Roast Lamb and vegetables
Lebanese Rice, which is rice and vermicelli Christmas Ham

Kerrie and I cook Lebanese but the dishes we leave for my mum are the highly time consuming ones.

In the end the take on Kerrie’s “coming home” dishes are her bread and home made condiments such as her Lemon Curd.  Her bread is acknowledged by all that visit and given the very poor quality of bread in Malaysia something we do cherish – and also miss as she doesn’t eat wheat anymore and so we do not get her home cooked bread as often.

Needless to say…Kerrie’s list of her memorable dishes is much larger Smile

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