Finally get the Girls Water-skiing

Finally, this Christmas Holiday, I managed to get the girls Water-skiing. I have just never been able to make the combination of boat + girls + water-skis happen but thanks to their cousin Jamie Fisher I finally got them skiing.

Up First Go and Loving It!!!

20131222C 01 Molly Watersking - Tallangatta - Vic

A few attempts but once up was straight into carving!!!

20131222C 07 Emily Watersking - Tallangatta - Vic

This is as far as I got!!!

20131222C 16 Watersking - Tallangatta - Vic

It was a great morning out at a piece of land that the Fishers have on the Hume Weir out at Tallangatta.  The boat was a great set-up with the cross-bar setup (pictured below) perfect to get the girls used to the skis before being towed.

20131222S 04 Emily Watersking - Tallangatta - Vic20131222S 02 Molly Watersking - Tallangatta - Vic

My story was one of too much weight and too un-fit.  I was not able to get up and the pain of a few attempts was felt for the rest of the week.  I did however enjoy the Meat Pie and can of Solo at the Tallangatta bakery afterwards!!!

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