Christmas Day in Albury

Christmas had all my side of the family at mum and dads in Albury.  Was great for Molly and Emily as with all the young cousins they got to enjoy the spoiling’s of Santa.  Emily showed amazing patience with all her young cousins while Molly would go looking for the occasional escape for alone time.

20131225C 13 Xmass Day - Albury



As usual dad and mum had way too many presents for everyone and so it was an hour around the tree handing them out before lunch.

20131225C 03 Xmass Day - Albury20131225S 06 Xmass Day - Albury

The two mums did well…Kerrie with two diamond rings and mum with an iPad…

20131225S 13 Xmass Day - Albury20131225S 15 Xmass Day - Albury

Forty odd years on and I am still getting the best presents from mum and dad…took me a day to build but great LEGO model of the Australian Opera House…

20131225C 11 Xmass Day - Albury

On the food front the usual roast meats were done…a highlight was the roast pork which dad did on this outdoor rotisserie he got cheap from Aldi’s and which produce great crackling…unfortunately I did not get much crackling as it seemed to all disappear once Sharon (my sister) appeared.  The low point on the food was some turkey-in-a-box thing that mum got.

The girls got iPads for school, plus clothes and small items.  As sign that we are all getting old and so not lots of toys around…except my LEGO.

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