Krabi Sunset Cruises – Krabi, Thailand

Sunday afternoon (2nd Feb 2014) in Krabi was spent enjoying life aboard “PLA LUANG” one of the last remaining Siamese Sailing Junks in Krabi, Thailand. Our host was Michael from Krabi Sunset Cruises.

20140202S 08 Krabi Sunset Cruises - Krabi

20140202S 11 Krabi Sunset Cruises - Krabi


Michael, a fellow Australian, and his sister own the Junk and the 5 hours on Junk were spent in a typical Australian style – drinking and having fun.


Beers and cocktails were available on-board and dinner was a simple fare of local dishes which matched the simplicity and beauty of the sunset.


One of the highlights was the cliff diving. A short swim out to rope ladders attached to the cliff. The girls, as always, did great but unfortunately for me another sign of getting too old and carrying too much weight, as I could not get up the rope ladder.




To me and the girls the snorkelling was average but then it usually is nowadays with coral bleaching and too many inexperienced people damaging the reefs – the diving the next day was great as away from snorkelers, I will cover that in a follow up post.

However the snorkelling did give us a chance to take Kerrie out as she remembered her prescription diving mask.  I had to tow her around as she had damaged her toe earlier that day and couldn’t wear flippers. It was worth it as she got excited about the fish given her first real time with clear water and her prescription diving mask.

DSC_457420140203P 03 Snorkelling - Krabi

The was a great way to spend the afternoon in Krabi. It gives you a feel for the local islands and the Krabi area.  I would recommend doing what we did and having lunch at Railay Beach before hand as it is a chance to check out Railay, being 15 minutes from Ao Nang (the main beach in Krabi).

Railay Beach – Krabi

20140202S 06 Railay Beach - Krabi20140202S 07 Railay Beach - Krabi

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