Tom Dick & Harry’s – TTDI

For prosperity, I thought I better take a quick recording of one of my favourite pubs in TTDI, Kuala Lumpur – Tom Dick & Harry’s.


I have been frequenting this place after work but Saturday night was first time I had taken the family.

Hoegaarden is on tap and served in a huge Pint Glass. Happy hour finishes at 8pm, so if you are there before 8pm you can pre-order happy hour price drinks to come later.  Some good English Pub Style meals, simple and superbly cooked – not the greasy mess of other English look-alike pubs.

20140301GP 02 Tom Dick and Harrys Pub - TTDI - Kuala Lumpur20140301GP 04 Tom Dick and Harrys Pub - TTDI - Kuala Lumpur

For dessert we went around the corner to Mukha – this cafe of eclectic tables and chairs is as close to a Melbourne feel cafe as we can get in KL. Great for a coffee and great for dessert with it’s range of cakes and coffee.

20140301GP 08 Mukha - TTDI - Kuala Lumpur20140301GP 09 Mukha - TTDI - Kuala Lumpur

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