GIS Softball – Molly at Bat

It has been busy few weekends with Molly and Emily’s sport and so I have a few updates to the blog owing starting with Molly’s Softball on the 8th March.

This was a set of friendly matches on a Saturday with the other Tier-1 International Schools in KL. Molly arrived late as she had extra Chemistry in the morning for her A-Levels and so only caught the last two games.


For me the slow-pitch softball they play in KL is frustrating to watch compared to the fast-pitch back in Australia. Slow-pitch requires the pitch to arc between 6 and 12 feet off the ground at its highest point and so it comes down at a hard to hit angle for the batter.

For a strike the ball has to land on the enlarged home plate which also means the catcher position is not really in action. Also this can mean a lot of balls and a lot of walks as much harder to pitch a strike compared to fast-pitch.


GIS lost the first game Molly played in but then won the next game easily. Molly was relaxing this year in the outfield rather than her pitcher position. She was more focused on looking glamorous for the camera.


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