Anthesis – Singapore

Anthesis refers to the period during which a flower is fully open and functional. What a perfect name for restaurant where the atmosphere and food really does pick you up to start and be functional for the day- that is what we got at Anthesis restaurant at Robertson Quay in Singapore.

After watching a morning of Emily’s Athletics, brunch at Anthesis was welcomed.

20140315S 14 Anthesis - Lunch - FOBISSEA 201420140315S 15 Anthesis - Lunch - FOBISSEA 2014

Medley of Tomatoes  –  Bakery Interior

20140315S 12 Anthesis - Lunch - FOBISSEA 201420140315S 13 Anthesis - Lunch - FOBISSEA 2014

The food was great, the coffee outstanding and the atmosphere relaxed. The eclectic and trendy customers made for interesting people watching.

20140315S 10 Anthesis - Lunch - FOBISSEA 2014

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