Photos from FOBISSEA 2014

A collection of photos from the FOBISSEA 2014 tournament in Singapore.  Not as many action shots as normal as we spent more time watching and less time shooting this year.

Really proud of all the GIS Girls as they got great results and were supportive of each other all through the tournament.  Their team spirit was outstanding and many thanks to Ms McGlinchey – her last FOBISSEA with Emily and the U13 GIS girls but a great one.

Silver in Discus  –  Bronze in Shot Put


DSC_4976 - FixDSC_4979 (2)

20140315C 10 Athletics - FOBISSEA 2014

DSC_5014 (2)DSC_5045 (2)

20140315C 13 Athletics - FOBISSEA 2014

20140315C 20 Athletics - FOBISSEA 201420140315C 27 Athletics - FOBISSEA 2014


Bronze in Soccer





Silver in Basketball






20140316S 05 Basketball - FOBISSEA 201420140316S 01 Basketball - FOBISSEA 2014

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