Riverside Dinning in Singapore

A must in Singapore is walking along the river from Marina Bay through Boat Quay, Clarke Quay and up to Roberston Quay. Another must is dinner on the riverside at the many dinning places at each of the Quays.

Clarke is best for nightlight with night clubs and bars. Roberston Quay is more relaxed while Boat Quay has the most restaurants right on the river side.

Dinner for us one night was at the Sahara Persian & Mediterranean Restaurant at Boat Quay.  Food was largely kebabs with a select of mezza and dips – it was a the way middle eastern food should be, simply done using the right combination of spices to bring out the flavour. 

The atmosphere was relaxed with people sitting back and smoking Hookah’s – it just need someone playing backgammon.

20140315S 22 Sahara - Dinner - FOBISSEA 2014

20140315S 23 Sahara - Dinner - FOBISSEA 201420140315S 24 Sahara - Dinner - FOBISSEA 2014


It was St Patricks weekend and so there was a lot on. One of the side streets was blocked off with a stage and so we got to take a break with Guinness and a local band – The Cans.

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