Murray River Marathon 1995

Time to catalogue from the archives and bring out a story on the Murray River Marathon. This gruelling kayak event covers 404km over 5 days down the mighty Murray River in Australia.

Set for the Adventure - Murray River Marathon [1995]

I complete the Murray River Marathon back in 1995 when I was definitely at my fittest competing in a number of ultra- marathon events that year. It was tough, especially the last two days when the current slows down and you are having to work hard without much assistance.

Start of a Day - Murray River Marathon [1995]On the Water - Murray River Marathon [1995]

The 404km’s start at Yarrawonga on Boxing Day and finish New Years Eve at Swan Hill. You can tackle it as a single or double or team and occasionally you get the odd person doing it backwards rowing.

On the Water - Murray River Marathon 1 [1995]End of the Marathon - Murray River Marathon [1995]

You need a good crew to follow you over the 5 days and take care of you at checkpoints and in the evening. For me it was many thanks to Jane, Rasa, Dyonne, Michelle and Michael.

The Crew Party On - Murray River Marathon [1995]

The event is designed as a fundraiser. Back then it was put on by the Red Cross but now it is hosted by YMCA Victoria.

The Murray River Marathon also holds some significance for me because I did it just after I met Kerrie. For New Years Eve she drove all the way from Bateman’s Bay (south of Sydney) to Swan Hill via the Hay Plain – some 850 km. Being new to Australia I don’t think she realised just how far that was.

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