Yong Tou Foo

After our rather lavish French Fine Dinning anniversary dinner early in the week it was refreshing to go back to local with a RM 20 (US$6) lunch of Yong Tau Foo at Restoran Yong Tou Foo Chan Chan in Bandar Manjalara, Kepong.

20140420 07 Yong Tau Foo20140420 08 Yong Tau Foo

“Yong Tau Foo” literally translates to “stuffed bean curd” and is essentially a clear consommé soup containing a varied selection of food items most of which are stuffed with a meat paste of fish and pork.

20140420 06 Yong Tau Foo20140420 05 Yong Tau Foo

We ordered a few pieces, namely the eggplant (Brinjal), chilli, white Tau Fu, dumpling and Fu Chuk. Fu Chuk is deep fried bean curd and we have a stuffed version of that.  I also especially love the chilli as it is a large red stuffed chilli – not too hot but rich in flavour. Also the brown sauce at Chan Chan was very tasty.

I don’t think I have mentioned it before but given the heat, a common way to drink tea in Malaysia is iced. Generally you are given a pot of hot tea and a bucket of ice to enjoy.

20140420 01 Yong Tau Foo20140420 03 Yong Tau Foo

A great Malaysian lunch – simple but flavoursome. The staff was very friendly and helped us understand what to order and how to eat.

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