Around Yogyakarta

One of the many things to do in Yogyakarta is to take a jeep around Mount Merapi – it’s most active volcano. Unfortunately for us the day we were there the volcano was too active for the jeep to take us up to what they called base camp and so I am not sure how much of the volcano you could really see – if you got closer.  For us we enjoyed the jeep ride over old lava flows and to the museum which is set in the village destroyed in the 2010 eruption.


The jeep ride was a lot of fun and worth it just for that.  The museum was also interesting, especially seeing modern day items like CD’s and TV’s partly melted.


Merapi 2010 Eruption – Museum

DSC_553420140502S 02 Jeep Tour - Merapi Volcano - Yogyakarta


Two other key attractions in Yogyakarta are the Sultan’s Palace and the Water Palace. Due to opening time clashes with other activities we only did the Water Palace. This was nice but as we did not find the architecture that spectacular, compared to other places we have seen, we were not that interested in doing the Sultans Palace – so we gave that a miss.

Water Palace




The Bird Market was well worth a visit. It was a bit much for Emily with the way some of the birds are kept in the cages but in amongst it all you would see some beautiful song birds and show birds. There was also an assortment of lizards and other reptilian creatures.

Guy Making and Sanding a Bird Cage  –   Locals enjoying the Song Birds


20140502S 25 Bird Market - Yogyakarta


We hired a guide for 2 of our days in Yogyakarta. This was useful as he had a car and took us to the temples, Merapi Volcano, the markets and also the different food places we requested.  We booked him before arriving however it is also easy to book someone once you are there.

However travelling around the city was best done by Becak – cycle rickshaw. We had to get two, one for Kerrie and Molly and then another one for myself as they were not that big!!!

20140501S 05 Becaks - YogyakartaIMG_2692

At Borobudur our guide did set us up with a horse and carriage to be taken around the village. This was fun but uncomfortably small for Caucasians line us.

20140503S 03 Borobudur Temple  - Yogyakarta

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