Team Building – Lost World, Ipoh

Last Friday and Saturday a group of us from work had a Team Building Event at the Lost World Tambun in Ipoh, Malaysia – a theme park and spa.

The Friday was an Amazing Race event around the park for which I wore the GoPro and chest strap.  It was the first time I had tried the chest strap. It works well in giving a stable view of the surroundings as you run around.  However as it was in the afternoon and had just rained, the humidity fogged up the lens as so not as clear as it could be.


The Saturday was a team event in the lake.  Many of the team were not used to water and being out of their depth and so it was a great way to put people out of their comfort zone and get us working as a team.  Those that were not comfortable had to focus on conquering there fear and those of us that were had the chance to step up and help others.

It was a great two days and a valuable exercise.  I do miss these types of activities as they were very popular in the 90’s but then seemed to be less prevalent the past decade.  They are an important item in de-stressing the work environment.

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