Templer Park Falls

Yesterday morning I had a great time jogging the Templer Park Falls with Molly.  It was just the two of us and so we managed to keep a reasonable pace for the 2km trek up to the falls.

It is a relatively easy hike with the majority of it being flat.  The only hill is the first 500m as you come out of the car park and head up to the pool area.  Then it is about 1.5km along the river to the falls. Both Molly and I are keen to go back with inner tubes and float down the river.

20140531 04 Templer Park Waterfall - Kuala Lumpur

The bridges across the river are a zig-zag of pillars as you can see by the photos. They are broken and hence you will need to jump in the water a few times to cross – but only ankle deep.

20140531 01 Templer Park Waterfall - Kuala Lumpur20140531 08 Templer Park Waterfall - Kuala Lumpur

The falls are not the best for swimming as only shallow water holes however they would be great for still photography.  Very rocky and lots of splash.

20140531 05 Templer Park Waterfall - Kuala Lumpur

It was great to spend some one-on-one time with Molly as she has been locked in her room the past few weeks with her exams.  She has been going out with Kerrie during the week when she has a gap in her exams but by night time, when I get home, she is generally studying.

Not much insight was shared, just walking banter such as she was glad we made her buy hiking shoes as they are so much better than sneakers for walking. But she did get her first leech and there were some light screams as she dealt with it.

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