Kiulu–Molly’s GIS Discovery Week

Both Molly and Emily have returned this weekend from GIS Discovery Week.  Molly helped paint the recreation centre of a small village in Kiulu, Borneo plus took in some diving. Emily went to Chiang Mai, Thailand and helped build a play ground for a local school and take care of elephants at a sanctuary.


Molly did not get a chance to do Discovery Week last year due to studies and so she really enjoyed this year’s trip and a chance to rough it a bit. For the first part of the week they slept on outdoor hammocks with mosquito netting. She said the wind was quite strong and would blow the netting off and so you would wake up in a panic about being bitten.


The first part of the week seemed a routine of rising early, playing some Frisbee, taking a bus and a long bridge walk to the village, 8 hours of painting to then return to camp for more Frisbee, dinner and cards.







The second part of the week they camped on one of the islands off Kota Kinabalu. Molly got the chance to spend a day diving and then a day snorkelling to pick up rubbish off the ocean floor.





It seemed like a really great week and she was very excited to tell us all about it. However we did not see her emerge from bed until way past lunch the day after she got back…a very tired Molly she was.

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