Chiang Mai – Emily’s GIS Discovery Week

While Molly is off in Boreno, Emily was enjoying a week in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The time in Chiang Mai was enjoyed at an Elephant Nature Park, Kayaking, eating and shopping at local markets and painting an paper umbrella.


They spent 3 nights in Chiang Mai and then 2 nights, 2 hours out of Chiang Mai in the hills working at a small local school. Emily really enjoyed playing games with the children and building a playground. She said drilling holes through the tyres was tough as was digging the tyres into the hard soil. The children were cute but was difficult as no one spoke English.






2014 05 Chiang Mai

The Elephant Nature Park had over 30 elephants that had been rescued. Emily said some were blind as they had been used for transport and owners would poke them in the eyes to make them turn.







Emily had a great time and was certainly very tied when she returned. Fun was from the first night with marshmallows over an open fire to the last night with a paper lantern let into the sky.

2014 04 Chiang Mai

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