We Arrive in the UK

After a nervous flight on Malaysian Airlines, due to the very sad event of MH17, we touched down in Heathrow, London to a beautiful English summer afternoon.

I was surprised that there was no announcement or acknowledgement on our flight of MH17 because usually the Malaysians are very forward on stating their prays are with the families etc.  Flying a day after the event, I guess they didn’t want to make us any more nervous by brining it up. It is a very upsetting event and I do feel for all who had family and friends on board.


We landed around 5pm on Saturday 19th July and had a easy flow through immigration and customs.  Our bags were just coming onto the conveyer as we arrived and so no waiting.

We were fortunate that we got two levels of upgrade with Hertz and so ended up with a Ford Mondeo Wagon as our rental car – the upgrade gave us better facilities in the car.  An upgrade is always welcome given the size and number of suitcases as we each have our own luggage now the girls are older and pack for themselves. It is a nice car to drive, 6 speed manual with plenty of power and so am looking forward to getting up into the hills of Scotland with it.


As we were heading to Warner Brothers Studio first thing in the morning we decided to just stay in a roadside hotel, the Days Inn chain, as we were also jet lagged and would just be sleeping.  It is a comfortable hotel chain, clean and simple and cheap (40 pounds a room). The hotels are set with the roadside services that include Waitrose and Starbucks so morning breakfast was nice fresh yogurt, raspberries and blueberries with coffee.


Dinner was at The Old Manor, a local pub in Potters Bar near by where we stayed. They had a 5 pound BBQ special on and so we tucked into sausages and I tried the Courage Directors Bitter – a great first drop to start my 3 weeks of English Beers.


Sunday evening, once we arrived at Kerrie’s parents place in Ormskirk, Bill, Molly and I also went down to Bill’s local, the Greyhound. It is a nice traditional pub and we sat in a little snung watching England and India in the cricket.  Bill brought Molly a cider and so she had her first alcoholic drink at 17 with her GrandPa in a UK pub – not bad!!!

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