Ingleton–Yorkshire Dales

Our 3 nights in Yorkshire Dales have been spent in the lovely little village of Ingleton. Having spent the past few days touring Yorkshire Dales we would recommend Ingleton as a good base. Great Fish and Chips (just near the hostel) and friendly local pubs – we did not win the Wednesday Night Trivia at the 3 Horseshoes Pub but had a great time and plenty of drinks.


Ingleton is a sleepy little village with a few shops and cafes.  I struggled getting a coffee before 10am but the trick is to get up early and go for a 2 to 3 hour walk then come back as the town is arising.  This is easy in Ingleton as it is popular for Waterfalls – more on Ingleton Waterfalls Walk in next post.

2014-07-23 01 Ingleton - Yorkshire Dales


The St Mary the Virgin Church at Ingleton dates from 1886 but reading up on the area indicates that early buildings would have dated back to 1150. The oldest remaining part of the church is the 15th century perpendicular tower. In 1743 the church was rebuilt and was then replaced again in 1886.


We stayed at the Ingleton Youth Hostel with the four of us having a room together in bunk beds. I cannot believe that I had to argue with Emily for the bottom bunk. They are becoming much older as it was only a few years ago she would be jumping all over the top bunk.  Now she just complains about how hard it is to get out of the top bunk to do things and her tired 13 year old body needs the bottom bunk.


The hostel is clean and well presented, good kitchen facilities and amenities. The mattresses are thin and so not that confortable and at 70 pounds a night (for the 4 of us), it is not that cheap but when you consider the area we are in maybe not too bad in price.

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