The Coylton Arms

It is not often I dedicate a whole blog entry to a restaurant but the food and service at the Coylton Arms Hotel, Ayr was that great that it deserves its own entry.

2014-07-24 22 Coylton Arms Hotel

The hotel was rated #2 on TripAdvisor and lived up to this rating. It is a great location just out of Ayr so you can have a pint in the beer garden and then head into the restaurant for outstanding food.  Wednesday and Thursday is the 10.95 pound special of Entree / Main or Main / Dessert.  We all went for the Main / Dessert combination.

Lasagne  –  Cajun Chicken Salad

2014-07-24 14 Coylton Arms Hotel2014-07-24 15 Coylton Arms Hotel

Beef Stew  –  Sirloin Steak

2014-07-24 16 Coylton Arms Hotel2014-07-24 17 Coylton Arms Hotel

Chocolate Lava Cake  –  Strawberry Cheesecake

2014-07-24 18 Coylton Arms Hotel2014-07-24 19 Coylton Arms Hotel

Apple Crumble

2014-07-24 20 Coylton Arms Hotel

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