Go Hockeyroos

A great day at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow taking in the afternoon sessions of Women’s Hockey with Hockeyroos 9 – 0 over Wales and Scotland 2 – 0 over Malaysia.



The Hockeyroos were smashing to watch and it was good to have a goal fest of 9 goals. Wales had very few attacking chances due to a strong Hockeyroos defence.  The crowd was predominately supporting Wales but we made sure the “Go Aussie” and “Go Roos” cries were being heard.


2014-07-25 12 Hockey - Commonwealth Games - Glasgow

We ended up driving into Glasgow and parked only a few hundred meters from the National Hockey Stadium. We were nervous about how bad the traffic would be but amazingly it was a clear run and easy free street parking – the irony is I think no one drove because of the traffic worry.

We had a few hours to spare before the games and so went into Merchant City area where there were markets and big screens set up to watch the games. Molly ran into Dr Who!!!


While in Merchant City we tried our first Irn Bru which is Scotland’s local soft drink and famous for being one of the few counties where coke is outsold by the local preference.  It tasted like the creamy soda I used to get as a kid back in Australia, so a vanilla base.

We also tried some pork scratchings for the first time – deep fried pig skin. Heart attack felt imminent after eating these.


The games are great and Glasgow has really put on a good show. So may volunteers showing great Scottish hospitality and humour.  Am looking forward to going back in this evening to take in more of the games.

The weather is perfect with some of the warmest and sunniest days Scotland has had.  The games was not quiet ready for such sunny weather as shade and water was minimal but still not as hot as watching something back home.

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