Kids at Play–Cairnie Fruit Farm

Monday morning in St Andrews and the Fife region we regressed back to a younger Molly and Emily by going to the Cairnie Fruit Farm to run around a corn maze.

We went for the maze however this turned out to be much more with activities for kids, albeit younger than ours, but because we were there early we snuck onto what we could.

2014-07-28 04 Cairnie Fruit Farm - Fife


The maze was great fun as we needed to run around and look for 9 stamps. Molly was gloating going into the maze that she has been undefeated in all our maze challenges but she was also a but worried as she was partnered with Kerrie and her very bruised twisted ankle.  No need to be worried as they came out with all 9 while Emily and I gave up after over an hour with only 7 of the 9.  Molly was very pleased with herself and her record still being intact.



After the maze we then spent an hour berry picking…although there was not much going into the bucket as all went into our mouths.  The gooseberries were great and the strawberries so sweet – we all over loaded on strawberries, so much so I had to leave the girls and walk away before I became too sick with eating so much.




This was a great morning as this holiday has felt somewhat different with both the girls being teenagers and having done so much travel they are tending to act grown up and not getting as wildly excited about things.  At the fruit farm they regressed and it was brilliant.

Having said they are not getting excited I have to mention how excited Emily has got over the coffee machine in her room in our hotel in Aberlour – it makes hot chocolate as well and she has already had two in the hour we have been here.

2014-07-28 03 Cairnie Fruit Farm - Fife

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