Devastated – Nessie Does Not Exist

A visit to the Loch Ness Centre and Exhibition at Drumnadrochit was most distressing as it proved that scientifically Nessie cannot exist. The exhibition is a managed walk through a set of chambers that each show a video documentary on an aspect of Lock Ness with some relevant minor decoration within each chamber. There is no razzle dazzle but it is informative.

The weather was inclement and so our drive through Loch Ness was not the best for picture taking however as molly said, the weather gave an eerie feel to the Loch and some mystery.


We came into Loch Ness at Inverness and came out at the far end of Loch Ness at Fort Augustus and its lock. It is a four chain lock and impressive to watch the boats make their way through each chain.

2014-07-31 01 Fort Augustus - Lock Ness


It was a relatively quiet day as we had the drive from Aberlour through Inverness, down Loch Ness and past the Ben Nevis range and then eventually to our destination at Glencoe Inn. The drive was a great introduction to the Scotland Highlands with many beautiful vista to take in.

Glencoe Inn is a great little place, extremely friendly staff and a great restaurant and bar with live music. Just a bit tight trying to squeeze four into the family room.


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