Chasing Bond and Harry Potter Scenes

On Friday we spent the day driving around Glencoe and the Highlands exploring areas where scenes from Harry Potter were shot and of course, being in Glencoe / Glen Etive, the scene from James Bond Skyfall and his family home in Scotland.

For Skyfall, the (very short) driving clip where the Aston is on a two lane road was filmed on the A82, between Bridge of Orchy and the Kings House Hotel (near the turn off to Glen Etive). The views are utterly stunning.




At the area where the Aston driving scene was we took the dead-end turn off and drove the 10 miles through Glen Etive and right to the end to the start of Loch Etive. On the shores of Lock Etive were the camping scenes from Harry Potter and the Deathly Harrows.  We were also told that the hippogriff flying scene is also based in Lock Etive but I have not been able to verify that.


The 10 mile drive in through Glen Etive is one of the most spectacular drives I have done. Largely a single lane undulating but sealed road winding through the base of the glen and some of the most spectacular scenery you could find.




After a morning / early afternoon visiting the above places and lunch at the Clachaig Inn, Glencoe we headed north to Glenfinnan to see more Harry Potter.

2014-08-01 0322014-08-01 037

The Glenfinnan Viaduct, at 1000 feet across and 100 feet up, is the suitably towering edifice upon which the Hogwarts Express wends its magical way north. There is a great 2 hour round walk from the Glenfinnan Station to the Viaduct with more magical views.





Prior to starting the viaduct walk there is a great cafe at the station which is using an old railway carriage – great play to have a cuppa tea and cake before you set off.


We also got to see deer in the wild which made Molly very happy as apparently she had been waiting for ever to see deer.

2014-08-02 0282014-08-02 031

This was a great day out and at the start of it I could not see the point going to movie sites however by the end of the day it all made sense. It took us to some absolutely fantastic places and scenery and to places we would not have normally driven down.

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