River Bugging

Our 2nd full day in Glencoe area we spent by kicking off the morning going River Bugging with Vertical Descents. How much fun was this – a lot!!! As Moo, Em and myself hit the white water in our bugs.


River Bugs are purpose built white water crafts. They are manoeuvrable, inflatable armchair-like one man rafts. We had almost 3 hours in the water playing in a section of rapids.


What was over the top fun was to find a section of the rapids where the backwash from the rapids would mean you could position your bug to basically surf the rapids – that is, hold it in one place where the force from ahead was the same as the force pushing from behind. You could spin and manoeuvrer just like surfing.


What was also funny to watch was Moo and Em trying to fit into a 2 piece, 5mm wet suit. Living in the tropics has meant they have never had to put on a cold weather wet suit and it was very funny watching them trying to tackle this.


Our Vertical Descents instructor was very good. He took us through the basics and then let us get in and start to have fun. He was not too conservative and let us get right into the white water but at the same time he kept everything safe – a good job.

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