Some thoughts on Edinburgh

We arrived in Edinburgh late Monday afternoon  and were completely in shock – we had heard from many people just how beautiful and majestic Edinburgh is but until you see it for yourself you really cannot appreciate it. 


The Edinburgh Castle is the centrepiece set high above the city and encased by the Old Town, which flows and sprawls down the volcanic rock that the castle is built upon. This is then surrounded by a New Town that has been developed to maintain all the charm and elegance that is Edinburgh.


The Old Town is a multi-level city with lanes and alley ways peeling off the Royal Mile, the main street that leads from the base of the town up to the castle. The lanes and alleys ways that peel off take you to various levels of streets with their cafes and pubs all enticing you to come in, sit down and take in the city.

2014-08-05 15 Edinburgh2014-08-04 28 Edinburgh


IMG_45682014-08-05 16 Edinburgh


The New Town, where we are staying, is in contrast with its modern brands and shops however all set in sandstone buildings and paved streets and large sidewalks.  Parkland is everywhere and breaks up the various sections of the city such that walking feels like it is no time to get anywhere.


Anyway I could rave on about Edinburgh for a while but then no matter how majestic a city it is it still allowed my two girls to come back from shopping having purchased these onesies – omg!!!


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