Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is not the place to visit if you want to sit in peace and reflect – reason is people and the many hundreds, if not thousands, that will be visiting Edinburgh Castle at the same time. Although it is crowded, and always crowded, you can still easily get around and see everything as it is a huge castle and setup to cater for the crowds.

2014-08-05 05 Edinburgh Castle

It is not as majestic as Stirling Castle primarily because it was set-up as a stronghold rather than a palace and is still currently an Army Headquarters. However it has a number of military museums plus the Scottish Crown Jewels (known as the Honours of Scotland) to see and it is steeped in history.

What I found most interesting with the Honours of Scotland was the Stone of Destiny. This is a simple block of sandstone with no special markings or engravings but it has played a central role in the coronation of Scottish kings. When it is time for Prince Charles to be crowned king the stone will be taken to Westminster Abbey in London and placed under the coronation chair – it has been used this way for the coronation on British sovereigns since Edward I of England in 1926 captured it.




2014-08-05 11 Edinburgh Castle


Not to miss is the Regimental Museum for the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards.  Pride of place in the Museum are the Eagle and Standard of the 45th French infantry, captured in 1815 during the epic charge of the Scots Greys at the Battle of Waterloo. One of only two captured. 

Also not to miss is the 1 o’clock firing of the artillery gun. A tradition which began in 1861 to provide ships in the Firth of Forth an audible time signal.

2014-08-05 08 Edinburgh Castle

Molly jumped a mile when she heard the gun go off as she was following her watch which was a minute behind and so was not ready for the bang!!!

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