Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014

One of our main reasons for being in Edinburgh was to spend some time at the Fringe Festival – and like wow what a festival, what a line up and what a buzz. Events going on everywhere at over 300+ venues all throughout the city. Then you add street performers and entertainers it becomes a never ending stream of comedy and entertainment.

We kicked off our festival playing it safe on Monday night with “Jimeoin – Is It…?” Jimeoin is a favourite in Australia and his Edinburgh show was in the style that he is famous for. He has a unique, laid back delivery style and an insightful way of observing situations and retelling the humorous side.

This was not one of his best shows but he did pack out a theatre with probably up to 500 people in the audience. Our main bug bear was that he started telling a story relating to a supermarket incident, got distracted and never came back to it – he left us hanging and feeling unfinished.


Following Jimeoin we took in a late show with the Blues Brothers Live Show – this long running Edinburgh Show is a classic and had all four of us up singing and dancing although it took a bit to get Em to loosen up. We were so hyped up after this show that we were all up into the wee hours of the morning watching our iPads as none of us could sleep.

We then proceeded into Tuesday afternoon with a few free shows and the desire to take more of a risk to see what the festival can offer. This took is to Miranda Kane and her show on “The Bad Girls Guide to Good Revenge”. I was one of the few males in the audience and with three girls with me I was nervous. However it was not the male bashing I expected.

Although this specific show was not a great show you could see Miranda Kane as a potential talent. Her nature and style is of a young Dawn French and she has a innocent freshness to her that means her hard lines really hits you.

The following free show was one of our festival highlights – Show Pony. I blogged on this earlier as I could not wait to get it up and posted. This show by LetLuce was simply outstanding and outrageously hilarious.  It was also one of the best venues with the Mash House.


Tuesday evening was an Australian Classic with the “Umbilical Brothers: KiDSHoW (not for kids)”. Their classic style of Loud Mime is great with a big audience which they had. This is one of their best shows and was simply outstanding.  Watching the entire Brady Bunch be killed one by one through mime and sound had us in stiches. I was surprised in speaking to people how few knew about them, given they have been in the business for over 20 years and that they are superb.


Wednesday afternoon we kicked off with Upstairs Downton. This was an improv show set in the Downton Abbey genre of 1914. Audience members had all written down lines before hand and placed in a hat and anytime the audience yelled out HAT the actors had to pick out a line and read it – this added some great spontaneity into the improv.

We closed Wednesday evening with what was our most expensive show but also what was aimed to be our highlight with Clive Anderson hosting “What Does The Title Matter Anyway?”  A spin on his classic BBC Show “Whose Line is it Anyway?”  Titled changed to protect copyright Smile



We had Josie Lawrence (who just blew me away with her talent), Colin Mochrie, Greg Proops and Stephen Frost. We were all in stiches and even Em was laughing hard at this one.

The Fringe was everything we had expected and more. A bonus was when I discovered that drinks can be taken into each show and hence a good Ale was enjoyed in each. Each venue had a bar and some of the bigger venues were set up with food vans and eating areas – which meant that you could get some good “Food Truck” Food as a change.



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