Escape Room and Jump Street – Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur has an ever increasing range of activities that you can do which are especially great for getting kids out of their rooms to have some fun.  Two recent additions in KL are The Escape Room and Jump Street.

Jump Street I have blogged about previously and is a large indoor trampoline complex. On Saturday we took Frank and the girls and had some fun.  Frank was especially nervous but was great to see him really give it a go at trying to somersault.

20140823 10 Jump Street


However we also took Frank and Ezna to The Escape Room. The Escape Room is a puzzle simulation game where you are locked within a room with your friends with a specific theme to solve a plethora of puzzles and riddles using what is found inside the room to attempt and escape within the given 45 minute time limit.

20140822 13 Escape Room - The Curve

We did the Prison Escape and although we got out with only 30 seconds to spare we did need to use our 2 clues.  It was hectic and we were in a panic for most of the 45 minutes trying to work things out.

They handcuffed us all together and put blind folds on us before they led us into the room single file. It was a nervous start being blind folded but all a lot of fun.

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