Franks 10th Birthday in Kuala Lumpur

The past week I have had the delight of spending it with my godson Frank. He arrived from San Francisco last Saturday (16th August) with parents in tow. Upon touch down we immediately headed off to LEGOLAND Malaysia to celebrate Frank’s 10th Birthday.

20140816 01b Frank Arrives20140816 02 Hobsons at Legoland

I love making a big thing out of each birthday decade with both Molly at Disneyland and Emily at Disney World it was great to be able to take Frank to LEGOLAND for his 10th.

The excitement started right from the get go as none of us expected the LEGOLAND Hotel to be as over the top on LEGO as it was – we got to our Pirate room, Frank and I threw our stuff onto the bunks beds and then started to solve the puzzle to open the Treasure Chest – our reward 3 LEGO Sets to play with.

20140816 09 Hobsons at Legoland20140816 11 Hobsons at Legoland

20140817 01 Hobsons at Legoland

Due to their flight only arriving at lunch into KLIA we did not get to LEGOLAND until 4pm. As the park is open to 7pm on Saturday we went in for a few hours and did most of the rides – there was almost no one in the park and so we got around quickly with no queues. 

20140816 05 Hobsons at Legoland20140817 04 Hobsons at Legoland

20140817 02 Hobsons at Legoland20140817 03 Hobsons at Legoland

20140816 03 Hobsons at Legoland20140816 07 Hobsons at Legoland

The next day, Sunday, we did a few more hours in the LEGOLAND Park where Clark won the LEGO Car Build off between the four of us managing to break 3.7 seconds on the speed ramp.

Around lunch time we then made our way to the LEGOLAND Water Park. This was my first time at the Water Park and also one of Frank’s first time a large Water Park at all. It was great to see him get excited on every slide especially knowing that there was then a bigger slide coming up next!!!

Saturday night we had dinner in the Bricks Restaurant in the LEGOLAND Hotel. A cake for Frank surrounded by LEGO was a great way to end the day.

20140816 14 Hobsons at Legoland20140816 08 Hobsons at Legoland

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