Crossing the Border and back to England

When we left Edinburgh we took the A1 down the East Coast and cross the border just north of Berwick-upon Tweed.

Stopping at the border and having a cup of tea and bacon and egg butties were immediately on the agenda. I enjoyed my haggis and haddock but now we were back in merry olde England the bacon and egg buttie had to be had.


Prior to crossing back into England we did our final Scottish castle – Tantallon Castle – so as to ensure we got the most out of our Explorer Pass. This was certainly worth the stop as the location on the cliff edge was superb and you could climb the high walls and watch the gannets dive for fish in the ocean.




Molly and Emily gave the castle a miss and instead had a summer nap on the grass.


We stayed overnight in Alnwick at a great youth hostel. Emily completed lost it and so spent the night not speaking to us. She was so fired up that I basically had to wrestle her and sit on her at Alnwick Castle grounds to stop her hassling her sister and mother.


Alnwick Castle was used in the first Harry Potter film prior to them building Hogwarts Model for the subsequent films. We just spent a lazy late afternoon in the grounds playing cards, and sitting on Em, as it was not worth the expense to visit given we only had a few hours.

We did watch a group of kids being taught how to fly broomsticks which was a laugh.

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