Mossy Forest Trek–Cameron Highlands

The set of words I would like to use to describe the trek that Kerrie and I did yesterday are not suitable for a child friendly blog.


We attempted the Mossy Forest Trek to Gunung Irau, the highest mountain in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. This trek, which we assumed was relatively moderate quickly became an extreme jungle trek with us climbing up and down an extremely steep, heavily overgrown, muddy jungle path.



There are no signs, no warning, no indication of what you are heading into. It is 2.4km’s traversing 4 peaks of extreme up and down. The first 200m or so is a boardwalk which does take you to some great views. From the boardwalk people start to venture into the jungle with no idea what they are in for.



Most people only venture a short distance off the boardwalk and then turn around. Kerrie got half way, almost to the bottom of the 2nd peak, while I got 3/4 of the way to the top of the 3rd peak.  We had to turn around as we did not have enough water nor food nor protection should the weather start to turn.


In reality the 2.4km trek will take around 3 hours to the peak and then 3 hours return. That gives you some idea of how steep and rough it is Smile  However, when you stop to look around it is very beautiful. The tree canopies are thick moss enclosures and at spots very surreal.


We are both feeling it today, not just in the legs but also the shoulders as in a lot of parts you had to climb up using your arms, clinging onto tree roots, to pull you up.

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