My Local Durian Hangout – Kepong

I really do like Durian and it will be one of the things I will miss when we leave Malaysia. I have it at least once a week. Here are some photos from our local Durian hangout in Kepong.

20140711 19 Durian - Kepong

20140711 09 Durian - Kepong20140711 10 Durian - Kepong

20140711 11 Durian - Kepong20140711 14 Durian - Kepong

Emily and Kerrie have not acquired the taste but Molly is well addicted. We yet to find any visitors from overseas who go for Durian – we have tested most of our visitors but it just ends up being more for Molly and myself.

Our Local Durian Guy


I honestly cannot pick up on the smell but Emily and Kerrie will know before they even enter the front door, even if I am out the back where I am forced to eat it if I bring it home.

The only time I really notice the smell is the car the next morning if I have brought some Durian home. It is strange that it is only in the car for 10 minutes or so and at the time you cannot really smell it but the next morning the smell will have built up – then you have to put up with Emily complaining all the way to school Smile

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