Ruby’s Resort with Ruby

The weekend was a weekend entirely for Ruby, our Beagle. We took her to the one resort in Kuantan / Cherating that allows dogs and by coincidence it was called Ruby’s Resort – the owner, a commanding Chinese Lady was not impressed in sharing her name with our Beagle.

20140913C 12 Ruby Resort - Cherating - MY20140913C 28 Ruby Resort - Cherating - MY

Ruby had a great time running around, constantly following scent trails left by the monkeys, and running and swimming on the beach. She was fantastic with the other dogs and didn’t even bother all the cats running around.

Photo 13-09-2014 10 30 20 amPhoto 13-09-2014 09 51 23 am

The resort is designed for dogs and has a very large fenced off area plus other fenced areas where the dogs can run safely without leads. Dogs are also allowed in the rooms and each room has a balcony with lockable gate. A really great setup for the canine companion.

Photo 13-09-2014 09 51 21 am (3)Photo 13-09-2014 09 51 23 am

The resort is set right on the beach but it is somewhat isolated in the wood lands with a 1km drive from the main road along a dirt road following the beach. The rooms themselves are basic but do the job. There is no Wi-Fi and we could not get any TV but then you are there to spend time with your pets so who cares.

20140913C 03 Ruby Resort - Cherating - MY20140913C 59 Ruby Resort - Cherating - MY

20140913C 05 Ruby Resort - Cherating - MY20140913C 54 Ruby Resort - Cherating - MY

Each night the staff would light a few fires around the resort with wood that had been gathered from the woodlands. Although the rules said no outside food we did purchase a griller and some sausages from the Giant in Kunatan and had a sausage sizzle on Saturday night.

20140913S 01 Ruby Resort - Cherating - MY

The fire was raging and so it was hot stuff trying to get the sausages near the fire.  Emily was complaining about being hungry and would not wait for the fire to die down. Once the fire did die down later Saturday night the girls off course broke out the marshmallows and made s’mores.

20140913GP 41 Ruby Resort - Cherating - MY

20140913GP 30 Ruby Resort - Cherating - MY20140913GP 05 Ruby Resort - Cherating - MY

It was a fun weekend with lots of quality time with Ruby. The ruggedness of the resort is part of its charm and means that you do not feel concerned about your dog destroying things and so you can all relax and enjoy.

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  1. Dany says:

    Hye…..still in malaysia yet

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