Weekend at Thredbo and Mount Kosciuszko

I was going through an old stack of Data CD’s and came across a collection of pictures from a 2006 trip to Thredbo and Mount Kosciuszko with the Glassock’s.

085 Kosciuszco Hike with Glassocks

We caught the chair lift up to the top of Thredbo and took the two hour walk to Mount Kosciuszko – at 2,228 meters above sea level it is the tallest peak in Australia.

Thredbo Weekend - Mar 06 052

Thredbo Weekend - Mar 06 068Thredbo Weekend - Mar 06 075

Thredbo Weekend - Mar 06 059Thredbo Weekend - Mar 06 023

If I recall directly we all stayed at Navy Ski Lodge – this is supported by the photos of the kids (Molly, Jessie, Ash and Emily) raising the Australian Naval Flag at the Lodge.

Thredbo Weekend - Mar 06 089Thredbo Weekend - Mar 06 090

Although we did not camp, which was our usual mode with the Glassocks, we did ensure we got a day of 4 Wheel Driving in. This trip was to Davies High Plain. It was our typical Prado versus Pajero and from memory the Prado dominated, as always Smile

Thredbo Weekend - Mar 06 095

Davies High Plain is always a fun drive because you get to cross the Murray River, Australia’s longest river. It is less impressive than it sounds because the crossing is in the highlands where the Murray is just getting going.

Thredbo Weekend - Mar 06 091DSC00778

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One Response to Weekend at Thredbo and Mount Kosciuszko

  1. River crossing looks always scary to me !

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