The “Electric” Pet Shop Boys in Kuala Lumpur

As Molly said, she feels like she is in a role reversal as Kerrie and I headed out to the Pet Shop Boys “Electric” Tour and her and Emily stayed home.

20140925 03 Pet Shop Boys - KL

The concert started with a high energy projection as the duo, Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe, performed behind the screen. After the second song the screen fell to the floor and the concert really took off.

20140925 01 Pet Shop Boys - KL20140925 02 Pet Shop Boys - KL

It was a great concert with a good balance of songs from their current album “Electric” and nearly all their classic hits.  It was high energy with everyone singing and dancing to “West End Girls” “Rent” and “Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots of Money)”.

20140925 06 Pet Shop Boys - KL20140925 12 Pet Shop Boys - KL

When they did “It’s a Sin” everyone went wild – the dancers with their horned masks were brilliant and the show was non stop dance from start to end.

20140925 08 Pet Shop Boys - KL20140925 10 Pet Shop Boys - KL

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