Sisterly Love

Having two beautiful and highly competitive girls is often a challenge for dad – having to step in to breakup the arguments, having to ensure them they are equally brilliant, having to manage the hormonal outbursts – OK I admit Kerrie tackles that and I stay clear.

So as Emily turns 14 it is time to reflect that there are moments when they show how much they love each other and they make you extra proud to be their dad.

2000 –  Molly 3 and Emily 0

Molly and Emily (2)


2001, Molly 4 and Emily 1

50 Molly and Emily

11 Day with Vincent Wall - Sydney [Dec 2002]12 Day with Vincent Wall - Sydney [Dec 2002]


2002, Around Ivanhoe House

37 Emily as Minnie Mouse and Molly as Snow White [Mar 2002] [C005]

12 Molly and Emily waiting for Dinner [Q2 2002]20 Molly and Emily in the Shower [Q2 2002]

08 Molly and Emily [Sep 2002]24 Molly and Emily [Sep 2002]


2003, Molly 6 and Emily 3

Moo & Em on chair 2100_0186

38 Girls - Seaworld Holiday - Dec 03


2004, Extra Cool

072 Em & Molly - Nellie Wedding100_0302

floriade 004floriade 065


2005, In Canberra

003 Girls in Bed035 First Day of School - Molly Grade 2 - Yarralumla Primary School

053 Winter PJs040 Emily 5th Birthday Cake at Nannas


2006, Extra Cute

024 Seeing Bill and  Aud off in Sydney017 Seeing Bill and  Aud off in Sydney

123 Melbourne Central - Long Weekend Trip to Melbourne048 Molly and Emily


2007, Extra Cheeky

013 Girls Posing031 Girls Posing

Girls - Disneyland


2008, Molly 11 and Emily 8




2009, Take a Break from Girls as Charlie and Ruby Much Cuter



2010, Outback Buddies




2011, In Malaysia



2012, More Charlie and Ruby



2103, Both are Teenagers

20130602 07 Sibling Challenge


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