Mates Hanging out in Malaysia

A great weekend with an old mate, Ian “Macca” McPherson, who was in town on work with Google. As I was batching we got to hang out for most of the weekend – Kerrie was in Melbourne for the week trying to buy a house.

Wednesday was a quick catch-up for dinner at a great little road side hawker – we met at Beach Club which was not a great idea – I had never been but as I was working opposite it was easy to meet – I never realised just how bad the place is with many street girls on the prowl.  Ian and I downed some beers and then quickly departed.

Friday night was a treat with Beggars Chicken – totally love this Chicken wrapped in mud and baked in an ash-filled kiln. So juicy and tender with the soft bones melting as you eat.

20141017 04 Beggars Chicken20141017 02 Beggars Chicken20141017 01 Beggars Chicken

20141017 05 Beggars Chicken20141017 06 Beggars Chicken


Saturday I took Macca down to Malacca for the day – great Ice Coffee when we arrived, great beers on the river side, great Laksa at Jonker 88 plus a bit of Malaysian history thrown in.  Was great to give Macca the experience of eating at a table at Jonker 88 while other patrons stood over you waiting to finish and vacate so they could eat.

20141018 01 Malacca20141018 02 Malacca


Finally Sunday was our local Yum Cha followed by a trip to Batu Caves.  This time we did the Dark Cave excursion at the top and was well worth it. Got to see some cave wild life and understand more about the features.

20141019 01 Dim Sum

20141019 02 Batu Caves20141019 03 Batu Caves

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