Art of the Old Town – Ipoh

Ernest Zacharevic, the Lithuanian artist in Penang who is known for his interesting wall murals in Penang has left his mark in Ipoh with a set of 8 murals throughout the Old Town – known as ‘Art of OLDTOWN’.

An Old Uncle Drinking Coffee

20141021C 20 Around Ipoh


A Paper Plane

20141021C 22 Around Ipoh


Girl On A Wall In Bandar Timah   –   A Yellow Hummingbird

20141021C 29 Around Ipoh20141021C 35 Around Ipoh


A ‘Kopi’ Break

20141021C 32 Around Ipoh20141021C 33 Around Ipoh


Besides the murals by Ernest, there are also several other wall paintings around Ipoh town – the below is a good example outside a bar in Concubine Lane.  The 3D nature of these, e.g. the half barrel attached to the wall, adds to the artistic effect.

20141021C 40 Around Ipoh

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